What if we could heal ourselves? What if illness was just a simple indicator that something was out of balance in our body and we could modify our thoughts or nutrition to heal rather than turning to drugs and surgery? What if there were alternatives that were both safe and effective?

Take a moment and imagine.

Does the possibility create excitement within you? Or does the thought terrify you?

If this is true, it might mean that everything you’ve believed up until this point in time is false. It might mean that rather than seeking a medical assessment you counsel with an alternative health professional. It would also mean that you must accept full responsibility for your situation and take matters into your own hands. Even though you’d have others guiding you your success/failure would depend on you alone. Scary? Or exciting?

I can list numerous examples from my own life where changing my beliefs about an illness or diagnosis have resulted in the elimination of that illness. This includes a diagnosis by my doctor suggesting that I would have to live in pain for the rest of my life as there was no cure for what I had. I disagreed. It’s now gone.

This week, I attended a presentation on Source Energy Medicine and also watched the movie Food Matters. Both of these discussed healing naturally. Source Energy Medicine proposes water as the vehicle to health whereas Food Matters suggests that proper nourishment and vitamins are the key.

Over the years, I’ve learned about a variety of alternative therapies. Some I’ve tried. Some I’ve had success with. Those successes coupled with my sub-par experiences with conventional medical doctors are pushing me more and more toward alternative health solutions.

Following the Food Matters movie last night, my husband and I had an interesting conversation. I asked him what he would do if he got cancer. Would he lean toward the conventional chemotherapy and radiation or opt for one of the many other natural alternatives?

I told him I’m not sure I could even entertain the idea of chemo and radiation because my views have shifted to a point where that type of treatment conflicts with my beliefs about health. However, I recognize that if I ever have a cancer diagnosis that fear would play a role. I have to have the courage to reject conventional medicine and venture down an unconventional path.

Would my strategy differ if the diagnosis was Hailey’s? It’s one thing to gamble with my own life but quite another to gamble with Hailey’s. Mind you, I see conventional medicine as a huge gamble, especially when it comes to treating cancer.

We also wondered what the law would say if we determined that a natural alternative treatment for Hailey would be better than chemo/radiation. I’ve heard of a couple of cases recently where parents ignored a doctor’s recommendations and their child was taken away from them and they are now facing criminal charges.

I hope to never have to make such a decision. But it was an interesting conversation that we had last night.

My views related to health affect how I treat Hailey when she’s not feeling well. Hailey is 10 months old and I haven’t given her any medications, including Tylenol. I’m not completely against medication (I bought a bottle of infant Tylenol just in case) but we haven’t had the need to use any up until this point.

I’ve decided to add a new section to my blog for discussions related to health and wellness. I am not an expert but I find these topics interesting and spend a decent amount of my time reading and learning about these subjects.