Some mother’s have mastered the art of deciphering their babies cry and know what each cry means. I was not the best at this. For the first couple of months the only one I could sort of pick out was her tired cry (and even then just occasionally). We would try everything to calm our little girl down and our go-to, sure fire back-up plan was to nurse her. This meant I was nursing her every hour to hour and a half for the first while which was emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting.

Around 2.5 months, I was forwarded this youtube clip: Priscilla Dunstan on Oprah and it changed our lives. In this 17 minute video, she explains that there is the universal baby language. Babies make different sounds before they cry and when they cry depending on what they want. The language is specific to babies 3 months of age or less and then it may change after. We were just within that window.

We watched this clip several times and began to be able to pick out the subtle differences in Hailey’s cry. I now didn’t have to resort to nursing all the time!  Sometimes she would just be making a gassy cry in the middle of the night and we could go over and burp her or bend her legs in and out if it was lower gas and go back to sleep. What a life-changer! I would HIGHLY recommend watching this video if you are pregnant or are a new mom.

I was recently speaking with a mom who was practicing Elimination Communication (EC). Her baby was 8 weeks old and she had been doing EC for about 3 weeks. She was learning to recognize the cues her baby was giving her before she had to go pee or poop. She said that some days she was able to catch all of them and her baby would have a clean diaper all day. This is absolutely amazing to me.

Babies are telling us SO much but we are only just beginning to understand what they are saying. It makes me wonder what else they are trying to tell us and what else we are missing!