Hailey and I have been sick for about 5 days. We both are sick with different things but sick nonetheless. The first day was the worst for both of us. I was feeling really weak and it took a lot of energy to do simple things like a diaper change. I was not up for doing much and all I wanted to do was sleep. And sleep we did. We had an awesome day snuggling, snoozing and playing in bed. Even when we did get out of bed I would put her on the floor to play and I simply laid down next to her.

I haven’t given her this much focused attention in a while. Usually I’m busy tidying up, doing dishes, prepping meals or we are out and about running around. Being sick was a much needed awakening for me. I had so much fun just spending time with her. I realized that I’ve been so busy getting ready for the next thing and trying to stay on top of chores that I’m forgetting to enjoy the time we have together.

Don’t get me wrong, Hailey is often playing in the same room as me and she’ll play in the kitchen while I’m making dinner for example. But since she has learned to play on her own I have been spending much less time actually playing with her. I believe that playing on her own is an important skill that is ultimately to her benefit. However, playing together is also important.

I was really sad that it took both of us getting sick for me to realize this but I’m so grateful that it happened. We had one of the best weeks we’ve had in a long time. It’s funny how a seemingly bad thing like being sick can actually be something so great.