Should kids have a TV in their bedroom? Absolutely not!

I’m going to go on a bit of a rant about this subject because I’m appalled by what I read yesterday on a parenting forum.

The question posted on the forum was “At what age did your children or child get a TV in he or she’s room?

The mother posing the question felt that her 4 and 5 year old were too young but her husband felt that all other kids their age had TV’s in their rooms.

I was honestly SHOCKED by this question. Who in their right mind would put a TV in a child’s room, especially a child that young?

To my astonishment, a lot of people.

Many parents (mostly mothers) responded to the question. And from a quick read through the comments the verdict was 50/50 on whether it was ok for a child to have a TV in their bedroom.

About half of the moms said their child would never get a TV in their room or may allow it in the teenage years.

The other half already had TV’s in their children’s bedrooms, many of whom were younger than age 4.

More than one said they’ve had a TV in their child’s bedroom since birth.

Are you people insane?!

What possible benefit could a TV have in a baby’s room?

Some of the reasons listed:

  • It’s far easier to clean the house when the kids are in their rooms watching TV.
  • The parents don’t want to watch cartoons so that’s best kept to their child’s bedroom. The parents can then watch what they want at the same time.
  • Their child doesn’t have access to cable so they’re only allowed to watch DVD’s.
  • Their children only watch it at night to fall asleep.
  • Their child can’t fall asleep without watching TV.

Even after reading and re-reading these comments I’m FLOORED.

Let me give you some context on my perspective.

I have never had a TV in my room. I have no intention of ever putting a TV in my bedroom.

We don’t have cable in our house.

Often when we tell people this we may as well have told them we were from Mars. They don’t understand how it’s possible to survive without TV. The idea is foreign to them.

And I get it, to some extent. I used to watch 3-4 hours of TV each night. Then 2 years ago my husband and I realized that we were wasting our lives sitting on the couch. So we cut our cable and never looked back.

I still have one of those big clunky TVs that’s over a decade old. We use it to watch movies every once in a while.

Despite this, I do still stream a couple of TV shows each week on the computer. This probably totals 3-4 hours per week.

But I still don’t see any benefit to watching TV. The shows are mildly entertaining – in some cases I feel myself getting stupider watching it but I can’t look away!

Mostly I watch TV to shut down and out of laziness or boredom.

This is the last thing I want to encourage in my daughter.

This is not to say that I will never let my children watch TV. That’s not the case at all.

But putting a TV in a child’s bedroom implies that it’s for regular and frequent use, not just for the occasional show or break for mommy and daddy.

This is what I’m against.

Watching TV is a dependency for many adults. And that dependency is extending to their children if they allow them to watch TV in their room.

If they only watch TV every once in a while then they do not need their own dedicated TV in their bedroom.

So there’s my rant.

I’m guessing by the posts on that forum that half of you reading this may disagree with me. So tell me what you think in the comments section below!

Photo by oddharmonic