I’m excited to be starting a new blog. My main topics on this site will be parenting (it’s a major part of my life) and all things related to parenting such as pregnancy, getting pregnant, and the emotional roller coaster that is parenting. I will also write about the importance of mindset and how changing our thinking is the key to everything.

I enjoy reflecting on situations, people, and events in my life and trying to dissect why we do the things we do. I look for the lessons in every situation (good or bad) and believe that there is good that comes out of everything.

I believe happiness is a choice. The only essential ingredient for leading a happy life is the thoughts we chose to think. Thoughts affect emotions and thoughts can be controlled and modified to make us feel better.

I believe that everything in our lives happens because of the thoughts and emotions we are projecting. In order to change anything in our lives we must first change our thoughts and the way we feel. Health, friends, work, and family circumstances will change only after this our thoughts and emotions have shifted.

I believe in a higher power (some may call it God but I struggle with that term). I believe that we are all connected and that if we can connect with our inner self we have all of the guidance and information we need to make any decision or deal with any circumstance that comes our way.

I believe we are born intelligent with an exact knowingness of what we want. I believe that our life circumstances shape us into who we are but that the beliefs we develop along the way can be questioned and altered if we so choose.

I believe children are capable. Capable of so much more than we think. I am raising my children in a way that may contradict cultural norms but I’m given the confidence to do so because of my belief system and my ability to trust my intuition. When it comes to keeping our children safe, I don’t believe in eliminating hazards but rather teaching children how to assess risk and be confident in their decision making.

My ultimate goal with my children is for them to be capable and confident decision makers, having the courage to trust themselves above all else. I will consider my parenting career a success if my children don’t need to rely on me.

This blog is for individuals who want to push their thinking and who are willing to change. I will never insist that I know all of the answers or even that there is one right answer. I believe everyone is on their own path and needs to make their own decisions.

This is why I encourage everyone to reflect inwardly, question the norm, and decide for yourself.

I encourage you to join me on this journey. Learn with me. Trust your instincts. Live life with confidence. Let me show you how…

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