I was lying in bed one morning waiting for Hailey to wake up. My mind was wandering and it landed on a random thought.

The thought:  If I knew I was going to die today and had to write a quick note with one piece of parenting advice for my husband, what would it be.

What was the one thing I thought was the most important thing that I wanted him to remember regarding how to raise Hailey? It didn’t take me long to come up with my answer:

Make sure she remembers her connection with source and to trust her intuition above all else.

Explanation: I believe that we are all born with a purpose, knowing exactly what we want out of this life. Our emotions are our guidance system and tell us whether we are on the correct path.

I also believe that we can connect back to our source (some might say God) and access the ideas, information, and support that we need on our journey.

This is the one foundational belief that I feel my husband lacks but I soooo want Hailey to know.

During my contemplation about this subject, it never occurred to me to say something like ‘make sure she knows how much I love her’ or ‘make sure she knows it wasn’t her fault’. There’s no doubt in my mind that he would convey that message.

And I also believe that if she succeeds in connecting with her source and trusting her intuition then she would know those things on her own.

She would know that we are all on our own path, that we all control our destiny, and there’s no such thing as something bad. Only love exists. And it’s up to us whether we allow it in or resist it.

When my husband came home from work that day I was eager to tell him the parenting advice I’d come up with for him and to hear what his would be.

I’ll be honest, this conversation could have taken a negative turn since we were essentially critiquing each other. So, if you’re planning to try this at home be cautious! The conversation went well for us because we were both in a good mood and we knew the right language and tone to use.

His one piece of parenting advice for me would be: Play with Hailey more. Don’t get caught up in everything you have to do. Play more.

Ouch….I’m fun. I play. I know I do…honest.

This was around the same time I put out the post about how much I enjoyed being sick with Hailey because we just got to hang out in bed all day and play with each other. So maybe I influenced his response??

I know I play with Hailey a lot. But my husband is much better at prioritizing play over chores, running around, and almost everything else. Whereas I am more of a ‘work now play later’ type of girl.

So this was a nice reminder not to sweat the small stuff and enjoy the playful moments together.

I would say this is my husband’s biggest strength as a dad. And I agree that it’s a trait I could use more of.

Interesting, but not surprising, that our advice for each other was based off of what we viewed as our own greatest strengths as parents.

Question: What is one piece of parenting advice you’d want your spouse to remember?

Photo by laughlin