Hailey loves to jump. Everything is a jolly jumper for her. If you hold her for a minute you are in for a good arm workout. She loves to jump.

I was at a friend’s house the other day and our little ones were playing on the floor. Hailey was sitting and fell over pretty hard and hit her head on a wooden toy. Wailing started almost immediately. I picked her up and held her in my arms. And she started jumping. My first thought was “ok, so you’re not that hurt”. But then I realized what she was doing. She was alternating between jumping and sucking her thumb. We all know that a baby sucks their thumb to soothe themselves. She was jumping and sucking to make herself feel better. She was reaching for things to make her feel better. She wanted me to hold her but she wasn’t looking to me for comfort. She was doing that all on her own.¬†When I noticed this, I told her what a great job she was doing by reaching for a better feeling thought. I just kept repeating this over and over until she calmed down. It only took a minute or so.

Next time your little one hurts themselves notice how they respond. Are they looking to you for comfort or are they reaching for something that makes them feel better?