The fourth technique on how to improve your intuition that I’m going to share with you may not seem like a technique at all. It is a small yet powerful piece of advice: celebrate your successes.

The entire point of these exercises is to build confidence in your intuition. I’m not teaching you how to acquire intuition. Everyone has it. We are all born with our own intuition. Some people are simply able to recognize it easier than others. And that’s only because they have learned to trust it.

Each time you use your intuition and have a successful outcome acknowledge it. Congratulate yourself on a job well done. Whether it was a good menu choice at a restaurant that leaves you feeling great rather than running to the washroom or if it was something more major, praise yourself.

The more you notice your successes the more confident you’ll be in your intuition. You’ll also generate a greater awareness of your emotions and understand what they mean. Building this confidence in yourself will enable you to trust your intuition on a greater scale such as dealing with a life changing decision or against what everyone else is doing.

Trust yourself. And give yourself the credit you deserve!

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