The second technique to help you improve your intuition is a form of muscle testing that uses the body as a pendulum. It is best used for yes/no questions. I learned this technique a couple of years ago and used it extensively after I had my baby.

Try this:

  1. Stand with your hands down by your side and your eyes closed.
  2. Say out loud “show me an Absolute Yes”. Wait for your body to respond by moving either forward, backward, right, left, clockwise, counter-clockwise.
  3. Say out loud “show me an Absolute No”. Wait for your body to respond by moving either forward, backward, right, left, clockwise, counter-clockwise. The movement should differ from the previous response to Yes.
  4. You identified Yes and No through the previous two steps. Now, ask a yes/no question and see which way your body moves. If it moves as it did in Step 2 then the answer is Yes. If it moves as it did in Step 3 then the answer is No.

As a beginner, it’s easier to focus by keeping your eyes shut and saying the questions out loud. As you get more experienced you may be able to keep your eyes open or say the questions in your head. I still say the questions out loud, unless I’m out in public – I don’t want people to think I’m crazy!

Don’t worry if this doesn’t work for you at first or if it doesn’t work every time. This technique has not worked consistently for me and most notably did not work at all while I was pregnant. Despite the inconsistency, I have found this technique to be extremely useful.

Where are the answers coming from?

I haven’t been able to dig up a clear answer to this question. Some believe it comes from a higher power (God, source, the universe, etc.). Others believe it is your inner being or spirit that is responding. Some say your spirit guide is responding. One answer I found suggested that it could come from any of the above, you just have to specify where you want the response to come from. I don’t usually specify or care where the answer is coming from. I don’t use this as the be all and end all in my decision making. Sometimes I will start the question saying “For my highest and best interest….” or “For my baby’s highest and best interest…”

How to use this technique

Start by playing with questions where you aren’t attached to the outcome. As with the first technique, caring about the outcome introduces other emotions which confuses things. I used this technique extensively after Hailey was born when putting her down for naps. I would take her for walks to put her to sleep. My favourite game was to ask at each intersection: “Should I go left? Should I go right? Should I go straight?” My goal was to get a feel for when she would actually fall asleep before it happened. After some practice, I was able to simply approach an intersection and think of which direction to go and feel my body respond without having to stop and ask each question. One direction would simply feel different. I was then able to know the exact route to take to put her to sleep before I even left the house. If my husband was the one taking her for the walk I could tell him if he needed to do a quick trip around the block or if he needed to go further.

It was a fun game. It never mattered whether I was right. If she didn’t fall asleep when I thought she would then I would just keep walking. No big deal.

There are many different ways of muscle testing. This has been the most successful one for me. If it doesn’t work for you don’t discount muscle testing altogether.  There may be a different version that works better for you.

I’d love to hear what you experience as you try this technique. I hope you have as much fun with this one as I do!

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