You may have heard of the idea of grounding (or earthing) as a solution for stress, pain, feeling overwhelmed, or any negative feeling. It’s a method that helps restore balance to our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies. However, it’s also a technique that has proven very effective at calming my baby when she cries.

What is Grounding?

If we are grounded it means our energy is firmly rooted in our physical body and we are connected to Earth. This allows us to be present in the moment, not worrying about the past or future.  Our connection to the ground helps to restore the functions of our body, facilitate healing, improve sleeping, and increase a sense of calmness in ourselves.

Grounding allows us to let go of negative emotions or of thoughts that are no longer beneficial to us. It restores balance to our bodies and our beings.

How to Ground Yourself?

The easiest way to connect to the ground or earth is to walk barefoot outside on grass, dirt or rock (something natural). This is a physical connection that automatically enables us to exchange energies with the ground during each step.

However, this method is not always within easy reach while trying to calm a baby or in the dead of winter. I know I’m willing to do a lot of things to calm Hailey but walking barefoot in the snow is not one of them!

If physically grounding ourselves is not possible then grounding ourselves energetically is equally effective. I know this sounds intimidating (and maybe even a little wacky) but it’s actually quite simple. It’s a visualization process.

The easiest way for me is to take deep inhales and exhales while imagining myself as a tree with my legs as the trunk and my root system extending down to the centre of the Earth. Sometimes if I’m having difficulties with this visualization I’ll switch to something else such as picturing myself walking barefoot on a sandy beach or on mossy grass.

Pick something that resonates with you.

When grounded, you may feel a sense of calmness.

I also experience a heavy feeling or slight downward pulling when I’m connected or grounded. Don’t worry if you can’t feel this. It’s subtle. I’ve been grounding myself for years and I’ve only just noticed this feeling in the last few weeks.

Ground Yourself when Trying to Calm Your Crying Baby

Practice grounding yourself when you have a moment alone with no distractions. It requires a bit of concentration at first but becomes easily after a few successful attempts.

When your baby is crying, take a moment to focus on grounding yourself before approaching your child or while holding her/him. I usually do it while holding Hailey. Grounding ourselves releases our stresses or anxieties which our baby may be picking up on.

It gives us a sense of calmness for our baby to mimic.

Being grounded and in the moment, free of stress better attunes ourselves to our baby’s needs. This makes it possible to pick up on our baby’s subtle cues and figure out how to calm them down.

Ground Your Baby

Sometimes our baby may need to ground themselves to earth. I have found 2 methods for helping Hailey ground herself.

  1. Physically take your baby outside. I have not yet tried touching her feet to the ground because of her age and our seasons. However, when the weather was warmer one of my go-to solutions for her crying was going for a walk. If that wasn’t an option then taking a step out of our house worked well too. I often found that immediately after crossing the threshold she would stop crying. On rainy days I would simply open the front door and stand there.
  2. Let baby look out the window. The majority of time over the winter months I will help Hailey ground herself by taking her to the window. We stand there looking out as I offer her suggestions such as “look at the big tree, there’s a green bush, do you see the squirrel, there’s a bird in the tree…” Sometimes she follows where I’m pointing but often time she gazes out examining what she wants. Looking out the window calms her fairly quickly. And I think it helps her that I’m focusing on the natural elements outside.

Grounding in Application

I use grounding almost daily. I am more likely to ground myself if trying to calm Hailey at night to put her to sleep. I will also ground myself at least once a day while nursing her.

When Hailey takes a nasty tumble and reacts with frantic screams I will calmly pick her up and walk to the window. Usually about 5-10 seconds is all the time that’s needed for her to start calming down. Sometimes it takes a bit longer if she’s really hurt.

How do you ground yourself? I’d love to hear other methods people are using. Please share in the comments section below.