Children don’t melt in the rain: I first heard this saying during a discussion about kids walking to school. Specifically, that many parents tend to drive their children to school when it rains.

If they can safely take a shower then they can safely walk in the rain. 

I’m sure no one is actually fearful of what will happen if their child is suddenly outside in the rain but then why do we feel it’s necessary to drive our kids to school because of the weather?

This leads to one of my other favourite sayings on this subject:

There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.

Meaning, if you dress appropriately then the weather won’t be an issue.

So why am I talking about this today? Well, it has been raining all day today and we’ve also had a bunch of running around to do.

We spent a ton of effort today making sure Hailey was protected from the rain as we got in and out of the car at each stop and while we did some of our shopping outdoors.

But the joke was on us at the end of the day.

After arriving at one stop, both my husband and I got out of the car. He put up the umbrella. I was standing nearby getting my ring sling ready to put Hailey in. After it was ready I approached Hailey’s door to pull her out of the car seat.

My husband walks over and puts the umbrella over my head to protect Hailey from the rain. He was totally ok leaving me out to get wet but heaven forbid a drop of water should get on his baby.

If I ever questioned who the most important woman was in his life I got my answer today!

But that’s ok….my husband and I were more or less on the same page so I couldn’t be mad.

We didn’t want Hailey to get wet. Both of us had our rain coats on but we have not yet purchased one for Hailey so she was wearing a regular shirt.

We had succeeded at keeping her dry despite the rain.

We were doing great.

We were on our way to our 4th and final stop and remembered that Hailey hadn’t had any water in a while so we gave her a sippy cup while we drove.

We heard her gulping in the back seat…..then blowing raspberries. Gulping then blowing raspberries.

I look back to see her filling her mouth with water and spraying it everywhere. Repeatedly! There was water all over the window, her mirror, and her.

We pull her out of the car seat at our last stop and the entire front of her was soaking wet.

The sippy cup, which was full when I gave it to her was empty.

All of the effort of keeping her dry had gone to waste!

As we got home, my husband pulled her out of the car and leisurely walked up the driveway to the door in the rain with Hailey completely exposed.

“Why aren’t you covering her up? She’s getting wet!” I said in a mildly panicked voice.

The look he gave me was priceless. “Are you kidding me? I feel like I should leave her outside to dry off.” is what how he responded to my utterly ridiculous statement.

The good news is that Hailey survived getting wet, even though she wasn’t dressed properly.

So the moral of the story is: children do not melt in the rain (or from spitting water all over themselves!)

Photo by swambo