Can babies see spirits? I’ve heard that babies and young children can see and interact with spirits or ghosts. This is something that I’ve believed for a long time but it’s hard to know for sure if it’s true because in most cases we as adults can’t see them.

But I hear story after story of young children knowing things they shouldn’t know or telling stories of talking to grandparents or great grandparent who have passed. In these cases, I’m sure there’s no doubt in their parent’s mind that their child can in fact interact with the spiritual world.

While I haven’t had anything that in-our-face happen with Hailey, I often wonder if she can see things that I can’t.

I remember in her first few months of life when she was barely moving, she would often gaze over my shoulder or off to the side. Her behaviour in those moments was as if someone was playing with her. But to my eye, no one was there but me.

Another time, I picked up Hailey after she started screaming. She was quite worked up and seemed angry. I was holding her and she was yelling, fixated on the doorway to her room. When I noticed this, I turned her away and she immediately turned to face the door. No matter which way I tried to direct her gaze she returned back to that one spot. It was honestly like she was telling someone off. So I took her out of that room.

There have been numerous occasions where I’ve put Hailey in her crib for a nap and she will play for 50 minutes (no exaggeration) on her own before falling asleep. She has a couple of toys in her crib and I know her socks are a wondrous thrill that can keep her occupied for a bit.

But can she really entertain herself for that long? Maybe she’s not alone.

One night she was playing after we put her to bed. My husband and I were downstairs in the living room and she had been playing for a while. All of the sudden we heard her mobile turn on. Queue the creepy super-natural music.

The looks on our faces must have been photo-worthy. They were ones of WTF…did that just happen? It’s one thing to playfully wonder who Hailey’s looking at in the corner and quite another thing for her mobile to randomly turn on “by itself”.

Our logical brains chimed in at this point offering rationalizations like “maybe the mobile wasn’t quite done the last time it was on and she bumped it and it started”.

But that doesn’t explain the next time it happened.

In this case, Hailey had waken up late at night. I went to calm her down and put her back to sleep. I was in her room, carrying her around, pacing back and forth trying my best to calm her down. She was fairly worked up and I wasn’t having much success.

I finally stopped, grounded myself, held her up so we were face to face and said “What’s wrong? Tell me what you want.” And her mobile turned on.

Yup. True story. And in this case, I knew for an absolute fact that we were not touching the crib nor had we just been touching the crib or mobile.

It looks like I got a response to my question in a much clearer way than I had been anticipating because Hailey calmed down once the mobile started.

I will admit that I was a bit taken aback by this. It was a holy shit moment. And to this day, I’m still a bit shocked that this actually happened.

Has anything like this ever happened to you? Has your child behaved in a manner that made you wonder if they were interacting with a spirit or ghost? Share your experiences in the comments section below.