As promised, here are the survey results. Thank you once again to everyone that participated in my survey. The response was overwhelming and I’m very grateful you took the time to share your experiences with me. The answers really emphasized that even though all of our children are unique we share a lot of the same struggles, challenges, and love for our kids.

If you have any questions or additional points to add feel free to add them in the comments section below!

Background Info:

The majority of survey participants have 1-2 children.

Graph - How Many Children do You Have

The majority have newborn, toddler, elementary school aged children.

Graph - Ages of Children

When asked about reading other blogs, aside from this one, Scary Mommy was the blog that received the most mentions. However, there was a diverse range of blogs that people read. The majority of you mentioned a blog that no other respondent reads!

Most indicated that they preferred to follow blogs via Facebook, but that was also primarily where the survey was shared so take that with a grain of salt.

What is the single biggest issue/worry/problem you are facing right now that if solved, would make your life a million times easier?

  1. No surprise given the demographic of respondents – SLEEP issues are number one. This includes getting kids to sleep through the night, getting them to bed in the first place, and lack of sleep for mom.
  2. Eating & all things food from picky eaters, meal planning, and making healthy food that everyone eats!
  3. A close third was winning the battles – how to get your kids to listen and do the things they’re supposed to. From potty training, to going to bed, to getting dressed.
  4. Managing two kids – baby proofing when you have older children, how to sleep train baby while keeping a toddler out of trouble.

Has there been any parenting information you’ve searched for online that you either couldn’t find what you were looking for or that you were disappointed by the information you found? If so, what is it?

Most people actually didn’t have a response for this question. However, about 1/4 of respondents did. The areas of disappointing/inconclusive information included:

  • Alternative forms of discipline
  • Food sensitivities/Infant digestion
  • Health related (e.g. vaccines, children with special physical or emotional needs) including contradictory professional advice

Overall, it seemed from the responses that if your child fits within the norm there’s great information available. If your child or your choices lie outside of the average then you’re going to struggle to find good information online.

What’s one thing you wish you had known before becoming a parent?

This one had a variety of responses, including the fact that NOTHING can prepare you. Here are the top responses:

  1. How TIRED you’d be.
  2. Lack of freedom and how difficult it is to get “you” time.
  3. The importance of family/friends for support
  4. Relationship with your spouse/partner changes significantly
  5. Every child develops differently – don’t worry about the milestones
  6. Being a parent is emotional, so many ups and downs.

What’s one thing about being a parent that you never expected?

This one also had a wide variety of answers. However, BY FAR the number one was the amount of LOVE you’d feel. Other common themes included:

  1. How tiring it is and how you can function on little sleep
  2. It’s an emotional roller-coaster
  3. How much you’d worry & doubt yourself, even small problems seem big
  4. It’s difficult letting go of control

Changing your Thinking

If you read this blog, you’ll know that I am a huge believer in trying to look at situations and challenges from different perspectives and I often look inside for solutions first. But I know not everyone is like me so I asked what others thought about it.

The majority of respondents were open to the idea, some more than others. Despite the overwhelming Yes response that most believed that changing their thinking could improve any situation, they were less sure how changing themselves could help solve the issues they’re having with their kids.

Graph - Change your thinking yes-no


Graph - if you are struggling, change your thinking

What next?

Survey is complete. Answers are in. So now what?

Now that I have a general sense of what other parents like you are struggling with, I’m going to pick a few topics to tackle, to really dive in deep. I can relate to many of the challenges, emotions, and turbulence that you are experiencing. I will share my perspective, what I’ve tried, what has worked for me, and what others are doing. You can expect a mix of opinion and research.

Other responses you shared are worth further investigation. I might ask for further feedback, do some of my own research into the comments and figure out exactly what they mean.

Thank you once again for your help and support and detailed sharing. Sign up for my email list at the top right of your screen to be among the first to receive updates.