Why do we hesitate to share our insecurities? For me, the answer is fear. Fear that others will judge me. Fear that I’m not good enough. Fear that I’m failing.

Plus, I don’t necessarily want to dwell on negative feelings.

However, through this blog, I have shared many insecurities, failures, and struggles.

My last post was an example of this. As were my posts about Hailey falling off the toilet or just the struggles I faced during the first few months being a new mom.

What I have found is that sharing insecurities, failures, and struggles can actually help others.

I could have continued sharing how great my back to work experience has been (because it hasn’t been that bad). I would have looked far better and maybe been seen as an example that others could aspire to.

But instead, I chose to share my struggles, not to get sympathy but rather because others may benefit from hearing what I’m going through (plus, I benefit from sharing as well).

I find that my stories of struggle and feelings of failure can help others even more than my stories of success.

3 Reasons Why This Can Help Others

1) They realize they’re not alone

I was out with a friend yesterday who said she read my last post and it described exactly what she was going through and how she was feeling.

Now she knows that she’s not alone in having these feelings. Someone else is going through the same thing.

When we know that others are going through the same thing we are less likely to judge ourselves. Instead, we are more likely to accept ourselves and show ourselves compassion.

An added bonus is now I also know that I’m not alone!

2)  We can learn how to improve the situation

By talking to others who have either been through the same thing or who are going through the same thing as us we can learn from each other how best to deal with the situation.

We can bounce ideas off of each other. We can learn what the other is doing to cope. We can learn what others have done to successfully navigate out of those feelings of insecurities and sadness. And we can support each other.

3)  We get to know each other better

Opening up and sharing our insecurities, struggles, and failures allows people to understand us on a deeper level.

It helps us to understand why we do the things we do and why others do the things they do.

It creates a sense of trust and it opens up an opportunity to connect with each other. This enables us to feel more comfortable asking for help if we need it in the future.

And even if someone can’t relate directly, they may be able to take what they’ve learned from you to help them understand a friend, family member, or coworker who is experiencing something similar.

It not only gives them the opportunity to understand you or themselves, but also others as well.

I have found it beneficial sharing my struggles, failures and insecurities with others.

It often puts me out of my comfort zone and in a place of fear.

But what I’ve found is that the fear of judgement is all in my own head. I rarely feel judged by others after I’ve put myself out there.

Instead, the overwhelming amount of support I get and the number of people admitting that they feel the same way inspires me to continue.

I feel the benefits for me in terms of support.

But more importantly, I know it helps others. Other people have told me its helpful to know that they are not alone or that I’ve offered them a different way of looking at something which helped them improve their outlook on a tough situation.

Question: Do you tend to share your feelings of failure, fear and insecurities with others? What has been their reaction?